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In battle districts, Cuomo leads big

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In Siena's poll of four major state senate races, they also have head-to-head numbers showing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo with double-digit leads over his Republican opponent, Carl Paladino.

The poll also included Rick Lazio who, yesterday, announced he won't actively campaign on the Conservative Party line. But even if you give all of Lazio's votes to Paladino, Cuomo leads in all three state senate districts. But, it's worth noting that Cuomo is polling below 50 percent in two areas: state senate district 3 on Long Island and senate district 48 upstate.

The poll is of likely voters, not registered voters.

Here are the numbers:

State Senate District 3:
Cuomo: 49
Paladino: 23
Lazio: 20
undecided: 8

State Senate District 11:
Cuomo: 61
Paladino: 23
Lazio: 10
undecided: 7

State Senate District 44:
Cuomo: 52
Paladino: 30
Lazio: 9
undecided: 9

State Senate District 48:
Cuomo: 48
Paladino: 32
Lazio: 10
undecided: 11