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Lumping Cox into Paladino's motley crew

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A note about Andrew Cuomo's campaign, which hits Carl Paladino for hiring an unsavory campaign crew.

The ad refers to Ed Cox, the New York State Republican Chairman who backed two other candidates (Steve Levy and Rick Lazio) before getting behind Paladino, thusly:

"Richard Nixon's son-in-law, a master of dirty tricks, leading one of the nastiest campaigns in the country."

When criticizing the three other Paladino aides, the ad refers to a specific news article where their wrongdoing was reported.

For Cox, the only sourcing is a Syracuse Post-Standard article which, if you look at the ad closely, is used only as a photo credit. The rest of Cox's description is not sourced. The article referred to in the ad is, actually, pretty harmless.