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Governor Cuomo: 'I will veto the lines'

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By Karen DeWitt, New York Public Radio Capital Bureau Chief

Governor Andrew Cuomo is stating in no uncertain terms that he intends to veto the redistricting lines now being devised by a joint legislative commission. The governor said he will not endorse the new district lines currently being drawn by a joint legislative commission.

“My position is I will veto the lines that are drawn. I believe it should be done by an independent commission," Cuomo said.

The governor acknowledges that a veto would be “chaotic”, and says the legislature should “seriously consider” joining him to create an independent commission.

The governor says he has no plans, though, to call the legislature back before January unless there’s agreement on a structure for the commission. But the governor says time is getting short.

“The clock is ticking," said Cuomo.

The governor also said he doubts the legislature has the votes to override a veto on redistricting.