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De Blasio's office promotes #CorporationsArePeople Twitter tag-paign

See, making a political statement can be fun(ny) sometimes. Public advocate Bill de Blasio this morning sent out a release promoting the "corporations are people" hashtage in response to a Mitt Romney campaign gaffe (or tremendously revealing acknowledgment). From the release:

While Mitt Romney may believe corporations are people, for most working Americans, ExxonMobil is not a friend, Wal-Mart is not a cousin and Google is only metaphorically their big brother... Instead of defending corporations that are secretly pouring millions into our elections, candidates and elected officials should be fighting to represent the real people in our country.

From that came the hashtag, and there have been some pretty good posts from the thread:

@braybc: I used to hang out with Apple in the 80's. We played Oregon Trail together all the time.
@LizNPA: Nobody give JPMorgan Chase peach schnapps! Bad things happen. Remember every Thanksgiving in the 90's? Ugh.
@nastynerdy: I now pronounce you Corporation and Corporation. You may kiss the entity.