Cuomo on reducing Medicaid, closing prisons

Tuesday, February 01, 2011 - 10:54 AM

Cuomo's budget presentation is pretty consistent with what he's been saying all along: no new taxes, no borrowing, and across-the-board cuts.

But there are parts of the budget that assume cooperation among some well-entrenched interests.

Medicaid. The budget relies on the Medicaid Redesign Team "will identify initiates to reduce state Medicaid spending by $2.85 billion for 2011-12 and by $4.6 billion in 2012-13." They'll find these savings by "modifying program requirements and limiting spending growth."

The Medicaid Redesign Team - which includes legislators and members from the health care industry and unions representing health care workers - has not yet announced their recommendations. That'll come on March 1.

Prison Consolidation. To close prisons, Cuomo is offering up to $100 million to those communities to wean them off those institutions as a form of economic development. (The New York Times earlier said Cuomo wouldn't press this issue in his budget presentation.)

While closing prisons is unpopular with local lawmakers who rely on those facilities to employ constituents, the $100 million carrot should be enticing.

And, if not, there's always the stick.

Cuomo will create  a "task force by Executive Order" to make recommendations. If the recommendations are rejected by the legislature, the commissioner of Correctional Services (which is appointed by the governor) "would be empowered to implement facility closures."

"Communities affected by the closures wold receive assistance" from the governor's new Regional Economic Development Councils, with "$100 million available to help communities end their reliance on incarceration as a major source of employment."


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KB Home Sucks

Sandra-Lee-Karatz Cuomo’s current girlfriend, now known as Sandra Lee was previously married to high profile Bruce Karatz. Many of you might not know Bruce Karatz he is a convicted felon and ex CEO of KB Home one of the largest new home builders in the US for 50 years. Ironically Cuomo worked for HUD and had conversations with KB Home. Maybe he needs prison reform for his extended family? Oh yea Bruce Karatz got 8 months home confinement for security fraud. He’s often seen about town attending Eli Broad functions? Enjoying his Home confinement in his Bel-Air California mansion unlike Bernie Madoff Karatz ignored the customer complaint when he was a Board member at KB Home, the FTC Federal Trade Commission Consent order is just laughed at by KB Home Board Members. Maybe we could get cheap labor by doing a furlough Friday, send a prisoner out to build a new home? Waddya think Andy?

Feb. 08 2011 03:55 AM

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