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WFP says Cuomo can prove he's not Governor 1% with tax overhaul

The Working Families Party is signaling its support for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s tax reform plans. Dan Cantor, the labor-backed political party’s executive director, said he felt the proposal was moving things in “a good direction.”

“It’s important that the tax reform package produce enough revenue,” Cantor said. “The $5 billion in the millionaires’ tax expiration, if it produces that much, it will allow us to both close the budget deficit, reverse some of the cuts and, more importantly as the Governor has pointed out, make these investments in jobs and growth.

“This is a chance for the Governor and the legislature to show that government is not controlled by the one percent.”

WFP has been a proponent of continuing a tax on higher income earners that’s set to sunset at the end of this month. But Cantor said this doesn’t indicate a reversal on the so-called millionaires’ tax for the Governor.

“Facts on the ground change, and people are correct to change their views when facts change,” said Cantor. “The fact is that the unemployment crisis is so enormous, both to individuals and whole communities, that something has to be done.”