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Cuomo vs Cuomo

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The executive director of Citizens Action contrasts Governor Andrew Cuomo's approach to the budget with the actions of his father, Governor Mario Cuomo.

There once was a governor, who, when confronted by similar difficult fiscal challenges, took a different approach.

It was Mario Cuomo, who dealt with deficits that were similar on a percentage basis, who said:

“A technically balanced budget that fails to meet the reasonable needs of the middle class and poor would be the emblem of hypocrisy.”

Mario Cuomo also said:
“Faced with hard facts, we have a number of choices. Those of us who are comfortable can choose to pretend that the problems don’t exist... We can say that we have stretched our minds and wills as far as they will go …or we can aim higher. We can try to do more. We can dare to be bolder and wiser.”

Well, we at Citizen Action are going to be urging our elected officials to try harder, aim higher, and be bolder and wiser in the weeks and months ahead.  It’s time to make the right choices for all New Yorkers.

We hope that you’ll join us in this effort. We will be emailing, calling you, and knocking on your doors in the coming months to ask for your help.  Please take action, join our events and make your voice heard.  The future of New York depends on it.