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More Campaigning, and Police Involvement, in Jackson Heights

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For some reason, this always seems to happen in Jackson Heights:

NYPD officers have been escorting Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras to events and waiting for her outside her apartment when she arrives home late, after her tires were slashed and animal feces left outside her office.

Ferreras said she believes supporters of former state senator and current Assembly candidate Hiram Monserrate are behind the disturbing incidents over the last few months because she's backing one of his rivals.

"My gut tells me it's coming from the fact that I'm now on the opposing side to Hiram," she told The Post.

Monserrate's campaign denies any involvement. Having covered the area for a number of years, all I can say is that the allegations are, unfortunately, not uncommon, as Monserrate can attest.