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Daylight Between GOP Donovan and GOP Paladino

  (Donovan's FaceBook page)

The big question facing Republicans today is whether they'll rally around their party’s unexpected gubernatorial nominee - the brash, foul-mouthed businessman Carl Paladino.

It's a tricky choice, balancing party loyalty with general electoral viabilty.

Here's one interesting answer I heard.

“Being a sitting district attorney, Azi, I’m prohibited from endorsing anyone,” Republican state attorney general candidate Dan Donovan told me. “I’m prohibited by the ethics codes of the District Attorney’s association...I’m unable to support anybody in any of the races.”

When I pressed Donovan on whether he had any concerns about Paladino’s character, or those obscene emails he forwarded, Donovan said, “I’m running an independent race, which we’re not dependent on any other candidates.”