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We Scoured the Internet for the Quirkiest Lists

Best-of lists for 2009 and all of the "aughts" have been coming in for weeks. To make things a little easier, we've decided to make a list of the lists. Our criteria:  quirky. We surely haven't found them chime in with yours!

So, to begin: best animal stories of the year. From the First Family's dog search (#1) to the cat who caught swine flu (#5), check out TIME's list.

The "Evolution of a Hipster" list, created by Paste will most likely inspire knowing nods and (hopefully) a little embarrasment

The "aughts" will forever be remembered as the decade in which the internet took control, and then dominated, every media form. And so, to help you control the newest internet devices that are currently obsessing us all, here are the best applications lists for the iPhone and BlackBerry. (The I Am T-Pain app made the list, we're happy about that.)

T-Pain iPhone app

If you're a real media hound, you already have a Twitter account. If you're thinking about getting one, or don't see what all the fuss is about, head over to Paste for the 100+ Best Users to Follow. There's something for everyone, from Music Bloggers to Photographers, and you may just be convinced to set up an account.

Buzzfeed's list of the 50 Best Protest Signs pokes fun at protesting in general, the people who protest and the subjects they're protesting.

By mixing fashion and the Obama Administration, The New Yorker ended up with an especially clever list, Memorable Fashion Statements of the Obama Era.

For laughs, and in keeping with the current media climate, take a look back to the Top Internet Memes. From little David coming home from the dentist to Susan Boyle to Kanye "Ima Let You Finish" West, here's a trip down memory lane.

Did you miss the discovery of glow-in-the-dark mushrooms? Read more about the Top 10 New Species...


What did we forget? Tell us about some of the quirky and random lists that you've seen in the comments.