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Federal judge lays out the rules for March 5 redistricting hearing

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At the end of today, everyone who has skin in the congressional redistricting game will need to have their proposals for new lines into Judge Roanne Mann. In preparation for the hearing on Monday, March 5, Judge Mann has laid out the ground rules for those who'll present their arguments on Monday:

Given the March 12th deadline by which this Court must issue its report and recommendation on a new Congressional redistricting plan for the State of New York, as well as the number of parties and non-parties providing input into the process and expected to participate in the proceeding scheduled for Monday, it was not the Court’s intention to conduct a trial-type evidentiary hearing on March 5th.  Instead, the hearing will proceed in the manner herein described.

Each group of parties will be given up to twenty (20) minutes to present its argument to the Court.  Counsel representing parties with similar interests are encouraged to decide in advance which attorney will address a particular issue; the Court will not entertain repetitive arguments.  Each party group may reserve up to three (3) minutes of its time to present a brief response, at the conclusion of the party presentations, to the other parties’ arguments.  Such responses must be limited to correcting misstatements of fact or law, and may not include new or repetitive affirmative arguments.

Time permitting, interested non-parties who have submitted proposed plans or substantive comments and have registered by today’s deadline may be afforded up to five (5) minutes to address the Court.  Non-parties and organizations with affiliated interests are encouraged to select one representative to speak on their behalf for the allotted time.  Non-party presentations must be limited to the topic of New York State Congressional redistricting.