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Poll #1: New Yorkers sum Cuomo up in a word -- Quinnipiac

(Courtsey of the Governor's office)






Those are the top choices for words that described Governor Andrew Cuomo, according to a Quinnipiac poll released this morning. The poll surveyed 1,640 New Yorkers and found almost all of the top 30 descriptors to be positive; "arrogant," "liberal" and "dissapointed" were the possible negatives pollsters identified. Astonishingly there was only one genuine crusty soul out of the whole lot who chose to sum up the governor using vulgarity.

Voters continue to give the governor high job approval marks--62 percent, down a bit from last month's 64 percent.

Likewise, the Empire State thinks the governor is a better leader than both New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 51–35 percent, and President Barack Obama--46–38 percent.