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Roundup: Klein Won't Run, GOP Supports DOMA

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Don't Need Your Money: Florida Governor Rick Scott turned down $2.4 million in stimulus money for a high-speed rail project, sparking outrage in Florida, where many are still suffering from the high unemployment and the real estate crisis. (NPR)

Caught on Video: Wisconsin Democratic Rep. Nick Milory was tackled by the cops trying to enter the Capital building to go to his office after the building was closed to the public. (NY Daily News)

Doing Time: Tuscon shooter Jared Lee Loughner indicted by a federal grand jury on 49 counts, including several murder charges. (NPR)

Calling His Bluff: President of the Wisconsin Education Association Council says 5700 state workers filed for retirement over the last six weeks.

Get to Work: The unemployment rate dropped to the lowest it has been in two years. (WSJ)

Not He: Former Schools Chancellor Joel Klein says he will not be running for mayor in 2013. (@azipaybarah)

Going Rogue: Speaker of the House John Boehner says the House will continue to support DOMA, despite the Obama administration finding the law unconstitutional.  (NPR)

- Alec Hamilton