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Liu blasts mayor's living wage bill study

Comptroller John Liu is weighing in on what's amounting to a controversial report produced by the city's Economic Development Corporation that called the positive affects of a proposed mandatory wage bill for city-sponsored development projects "negligible."

The city council has supported a bill, with modifications, that labor allies are pushing for the council to pass. The mayor has steadfastly opposed any living wage legislation.

Today, labor supportive groups have been pushing back on the report, calling it flawed and dubious. So is Liu, who has close ties to labor:

This million dollar report is so flawed it’s not worth the bandwidth for a download. The EDC’s claim that a living wage kills jobs shows just how distorted the agency’s perspective has become. The proposed living wage would be a requirement on new projects that are heavily subsidized by taxpayers and would create new jobs that pay decent wages. The claim of job losses is rhetoric at its worst.