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Snow Probe, live

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Here's the link to the live video feed of the City Council hearing into the city's botched snow removal efforts.

NYT reporter Javier Hernandez says"The hearing on Monday promises to be one of the most explosive political events of the year."

Among those expected to testify are Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith - who tweeted what a good job city workers were doing; Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty, who has said he sees seen no evidence of an unofficial work slowdown.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn - an ally of Mayor Bloomberg - has already forwarded to his office the questions the City Council would like addressed during the hearing.

Quinn explained, "We sent this to the administration so that they don’t show up and say, ‘I’m sorry, we’ll get back to you.’ ”

The head of the Council's Investigation and Oversight Committee, Jumaane Williams, told me the question he'd like City officials to answer:

"What was making you say that these streets were plowed and everybody was telling you that it wasn't?"