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Scheduling Cuomo

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Jimmy Vielkind pulls back the curtain on Andrew Cuomo's daily activities, and discovers something is missing:

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office did not keep a "systematized" schedule for the first two years he was in office, a spokesman said. Instead, the attorney general's staff showed his activities with a compilation of news conferences and public events in response to a Times Union request for his schedules filed in April. Six months later, a schedule for nine months of meetings in 2009 had been generated and provided, but original documents -- even redacted versions, as allowed under the law -- were withheld.

Cuomo's schedule-keeping habits have, at least, remained consistent since 2006, when I barked up this tree:

Unlike most public officials, New York’s hard-charging attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, doesn't keep a written daily schedule.

That's according to his office, which, after two separate Freedom of Information requests from The Observer, finally said that Mr. Cuomo simply didn’t have any pre-existing documentation of his day-to-day professional and political activities that he could make public.

It's the nature of his job, an aide explained.

"The vast majority of the attorney general's time each day is spent working on and being briefed on our cases and investigations," said Benjamin Lawsky, a special assistant and deputy counsel to Mr. Cuomo.

Mr. Cuomo’s office eventually did provide a reconstituted outline of his public schedule between January 2007, when he took office, and April 2008. It is five pages long, listing press conferences, public outings and political events. They said it includes everything of a nonsensitive nature.

Embedded above is the reconstituted scheduled I received from Cuomo's office in 2008.