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A reader frustrated with the coverage of the 2010 candidates emails:

Would be nice if editorial writers at the Times looked at their own complicity in the criticisms they make of Coumo.

NYTimes Endorsement  of Coumo:

Despite several position books, Mr. Cuomo’s candidacy has been more skeletal than it should have been, and there have been times when he failed to stand up forcefully for his stated principles. But he has a strong record in office over the last four years and has proposed serious solutions for some of the state’s problems.

We endorse him with the hope that he would be a bolder and more forthright governor than he has been a candidate.


Indulging an Obsession With Motors and Muscle

For Andrew M. Cuomo, cars like Corvettes and Camaros have been a passion since his high school days in Queens in the ’70s.