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Recap: Cuomo and the State Democratic Committee meeting in Albany

Couresy of the Governor's office.

Capital New York's Azi Paybarah has a great rundown of the Democrat's state committee meeting this week. Governor Andrew Cuomo made an appearance, but left the major points of contention--hydrofracking and the millionaires' tax--unresolved for many in attendance.

Coming off a handful of victories in contested local elections around the state, Cuomo said the results affirmed the Democrats' positive view of the role of government.

"They had an argument that basically says, 'whatever the problem, it's caused by government,'" Cuomo said, sounding a lot like his father used to.

But "we argue the exact opposite. That government is posibility. Why? Because government is us, and we believe in us," he said, waving his right hand in a circle in front of the roomful of about 200 party members.


His last few lines were swallowed up by the applause in the room. One person let out a loud, approving whistle. After his speech, Cuomo slipped out the back of the hotel and into a black S.U.V. where, according to a reporter there, the governor ignored a question shouted to him.

Read the entire piece, which includes videos of the Governor's speech, here.