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The Lede: ...And It's Done, On Time

From the front page of today's Albany Times-Union (

The Cuts:"It includes closing up to six prisons, cutting some $1.3 billion in school aid statewide and slashing $2.8 billion from Medicaid." (NY Post)

Cuomo on Budget:""The Legislature not only passed an on-time budget, but an historic and transformational budget for the people of the State of New York." (NY Daily News)

Silver on Budget:"We are confident that this will be the first of many agreements the Legislature will reach in concert with the Governor." (NY Daily News)

Skelos on Budget: “By passing this budget on-time, we have shown that Albany can be functional and accountable once again.” (NY Times)

NYC on Budget:"We are very grateful to the Legislature for the restoration, unfortunately the restoration is small comfort for a budget that's incredibly painful for New York City." (Associated Press)

On Guard:"At times, a state trooper armed with a Taser stood guard near the Senate lobby." (NY Times)

Protesters:"They were young and old, from upstate and downstate, dressed in bandannas and hand-lettered T-shirts. Many were black and Hispanic." (Albany Times-Union)

Capitol Lockdown:“I am highly, highly disgusted with how I’ve been treated today in this building." (WNYC)

Enforcing Medicaid Cuts:"Savings will be assured by an overall spending cap, enabling the Commissioner of Health to make additional savings actions during the year, if necessary," says Cuomo budget fact sheet. (NY Daily News)

Rubin Diaz, Sr. on 'The Master':"'Black and Hispanic - We could have done it,' Diaz said. 'It is our shame. It is not their shame.'" (NY Daily News)

Trump's Weiner Jab:"I don't think he has the stature to be mayor of New York." (NY Post)

Democratic Mayor on Republican Christie:""It's my honor to introduce the greatest governor this state has ever had." (Wall Street Journal)

Feds on Shazad Case:"he didn't need to be read his rights before blurting out that he provided $7,000 to the unsuccessful bomber but wasn't guilty 'for the bomb.'" (Associated Press)

Legacy:"Before Hillary and Sarah, there was Gerry," say the editors, on day of Ferraro's funeral mass. (Newark Star-Ledger)

NTSB on Bronx Crash: going 78 mph, "video camera on the bus' windshield 'did not record the accident.'" (Associated Press)

Another Reason for Low Census Count: “There’s a bunch of cantankerous types in New York." (NY Times)

Nothing to Love?: No word yet on what we New Yorkers like about the place. (NY Times)