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Updated NY State campaign filings reveal big returns for Team Cuomo

NYPIRG's Bill Mahoney continues to update his spreadsheet showing the results of the latest fundraising filings this week. The results so far show that Governor Andrew Cuomo hasn't just been busy with legislation. His campaign fundraising efforts show an equal verve.

As Mahoney points out, Cuomo has blown by the previous elected governor's fundraising numbers at the same time in their tenures. According to Mahoney, Governor Cuomo has raised nearly twice what Governor Spitzer had raised after his first year in office.

As it stands, Cuomo is sitting on more than $14 million in campaign funds. The Governor's top-ten donors in this filing (list below) consist of corporate and personal injury law firms,a prominent arts philanthropist who is married to a hedge fund manager, the head of a hotel company, and a real estate developer, among others.

Cuomo's Top 10 Donors in the January 2012 filing. (Courtesy of NYPIRG)