Cuomo answers the Silver question

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 10:01 AM

Andrew Cuomo works hardat not letting the “anger and frustration” directed at Albany get personal, especially when he’s asked about one enduring political figure in the capital, fellow Democrat Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Liz Benjamin: "He’s the longest legislative leader in Albany…If you say Albany is disgusting, has it not been his [Sheldon Silver’s] fault in some way?"

Andrew Cuomo: "It has been the fault of the legislative leaders. It has been the fault of the governors. It has been the fault of the lobbyists. It’s been the fault of the special interest corporations that dominate the process."


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This guy dosen't say what he really thinks, he tap danced around every question thrown at him. I can see why he dosent want to debate a guy like Paladino. Did he say special intrest 'corporations? HaHa he dosen't even dare say the word Unions. Yeah, Status Cuomo is an apt description of this man.

Oct. 03 2010 05:10 AM
Barbara Ricci CEO

Re: Carl Paladino Vs. Andrew CuomoWe have enough Child Molesters hiding out in New York, don't we Dateline NBC? New York State child molesters share Carl Paladino’s perverted views.Carl Paladino doesn't believe in abortion because he believes in rapist fathering children, and molesters watching pornographic videos like himself. The man is a pervert with a trailer trash mentality.You do not want this low life with 150 million dollars in the bank running our government, corruption will run wild. Andrew Cuomo is a much better candidate than a low life like Carl Paladino. Paladino lives off of a welfare check, he collects welfare rents, he’s a slum lord.Working Class people you better wake up because Carl Paladino is bullsh-ting you, he knows we are desperate for change and desperate people take desperate measures... For example: Carl Paladino is like going into a casino on a friday night with your paycheck in your pocket, you're all excited, you feel lucky like your gonna hit the jackpot and by the end of the night, you feel like kicking the garbage pail across the room, you feel deceived with no money in your pockets, you go home feeling like a fool. Don't buy this false promises Carl Paladino is telling you he’s a talking horse and New York State will quickly spiral downward if he gets into office and you will feel deceived like you wouldn’t believe and at the end of the day, it was always about him, Carl Paladino and his cronies, that's who it will be about after election day, it was never about you.Carl Paladino is much nastier than you could even imagine, right now, he’s entertaining us with his baseball bat and “Mad As Hell” slogan but that will all end soon, and we will be sorrier than ever if this man gets into office. He will be developing “The Welfare Projects” all over New York and filling them with welfare renters, remember Bush, he owned Oil Wells, you saw what he did after he got into office. No matter how corrupt some of these Democrats are in Albany, they are still better than these Republicans like Carl Paladino and George W. Bush. Carl Paladino defends George Bush, he said he was a good Republican President, so he made a few mistakes so... Carl Paladino says George W. Bush was a good President! George W. Bush was the worst President in the History of America, and he is the man who is responsible for destroying America. Think about the mind of Carl Paladino he uses that work so, much too often. listen to him when he speaks, he's punch drunk, he's a little more than disturbed, he talks like a street thug, he's definitely not fit for government office.Why don't we make Sammy The Bull President of the United States next. Vote for Andrew Cuomo because he has a lot more morals and self respect than Carl Paladino could ever have in a lifetime. Paladino is a street thug with money in his pocket, that's all he is, he's nothing more than a heartless thug. He has no family values and I found out that he is extremely corrupt, he's worst than those crooks in Albany right now. Just imagine getting worse than what we have already, it will be a reality if Carl Paladino gets into office. This saying is true... The grass is not greener on the other side, and remember, very few people win in a casino. Paladino is a street thug with money in his pocket, that's all he is, he's nothing more than a heartless thug. He has no family values and I found out that he is extremely corrupt, he's worst than those crooks in Albany right now. Just imagine getting worse than what we have already, it will be a reality if Carl Paladino gets into office. About Carl Paladino I found out too late that his "Mad As Hell" and baseball bat slogans are for entertainment purposes only... all I could say is ... Beware of this man, he's dark like a demon, he’s a street thug. He’s full of false promises he said he would give to a dog shelter "A DONATION" in Westchester County and after I promoted him on the front-page of The Westchester News.Com = (him) Carl Paladino posing with his dog for a promotion, he said he decided not to donate, he’s that deceiving and corrupt. It was a just a tiny test to measure his integrity, he has none. CARL PALADINO WOULDN'T HELP A DOG, therefore, he's not gonna help you either.Do you see on all the blogs all the posters for Carl Paladino: Their nasty and Sarcastic! Do you see these posters who are making comments on this news blogs? These are Carl Paladino's thugs from his Campaign Team Paladino, and you can see how corrupt and sarcastic they are by their remarks and usernames... all these comments are from Carl Paladino's Campaign workers. I am just the press informing the viewers about the dark side of this man Carl Paladino. These people who are working with Carl Paladino are extremely abusive and a bunch of street thugs, trailer trash. I think the viewers should know who is behind these usernames and they work for Carl Paladino. Is this what you want to run our government? Think before you pull that lever on election day because the grass is not greener on the other side. Carl Paladino is very dark, he's corrupt, very corrupt. ~ The Westchester News.Com

Sep. 29 2010 11:57 PM
Barbara Ricci CEO

Re: Carl Paladino Vs. Andrew Cuomo "It's a true saying, the grass is not greener on the other side."We have enough Child Molesters hiding out in New York!New York State does not need anymore child molesters moving here because they share Carl Paladino’s perverted views.Who is the worst of the two candidate's?  CARL PALADINO is, I never thought politics could get any worse, but this man is the most disgusting pig I have ever came across in politics, he's a pervert giving out lollipops to kids and telling their Mom's to vote for him.Without a doubt Carl Paladino is the worst out of the two candidates, he is absolutely not fit for office his mind is in the sewer it's a cesspool full of pornographic videos.  It also is the responsibility for all the Online Press, TV News, Media, Radio, Blogs and Newspapers to inform the public about Carl Paladino's pornographic, perverted, racist mind.We removed our endorsement from Carl Paladino For Governor of New York!~ The Westchester News.Com

Sep. 29 2010 11:35 PM

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