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Paladino told Spitzer 'Don't Quit'

Carl Paladino says he encouraged Eliot Spitzer to stay in office after he was identified as a client for a call-girl agency.

From Paladino's interview with the LA Times:

[Paladino] makes it clear that he believes the personal failings of elected officials should not be held against them if they're qualified to govern. He cites Spitzer, whom Paladino supported with campaign contributions, as an example of a capable public servant who never should have left office.

"The day before he left I told Eliot, 'Don't quit,'" Paladino said. "You show me the perfect person. You show me Mr. Perfect out there. Who? Arnold [Schwarzenegger]? The former president, Clinton? … He's human, Eliot's human, I'm human."