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Praise for Ridgewood Bushwick

Michael Bloomberg offered some rare praise for the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, the non-profit organization that is reportedly being investigated by the federal authorities, as well as state comptroller, state attorney general and city comptroller. It all stems from a lack of oversight from the organization’s board, officials say.

Bloomberg, in a Q&A with reporters today, said his commissioner at the Department of Investigations – whose report kicked off much of the scrutiny – says the group is, overall, “doing a good job” and is, basically, too big to fail.

Bloomberg said, “Rose [Gill Hearn, the DOI commissioner] pointed out that there is no other organization at the moment capable of providing the services to the community that really needs it. Nobody with the scale and the experience, and she said in terms of that, they’re doing a good job.

The organization was founded by Vito Lopez, the Assemblyman and Brooklyn Democratic County Leader, who is having his own headaches at the moment.