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New Yorkers continue to support OWS, consider Tea Party more influential

Marist Poll put out a new survey today that adds a wrinkle to the Occupation movement. According to the poll, New York voters support Occupy Wall Street more than the Tea Party, 44 percent versus 21 percent. It should be noted that, inversely, a majority of voters don't support either, although 54 percent said OWS comes closer to their views. The poll also is underrepresented by Democrats, only representing 44 percent of those polled, while, statewide, the Dems have 49 percent of active registered voters.

All that aside, what's really interesting is that, while the Occupation continues to enjoy (relative) support, their strategy so far of not having an overt agenda leaves them with little influence in voters eyes. Nearly half--the plurality--felt the Tea Party will have more influence in the coming presidential elections than the Occupation.

“Not surprisingly, there is substantial support for the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York State as compared to the Tea Party movement,” Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, said in a statement. “However, when it comes to the potential political impact of the two groups for campaign '12, New Yorkers believe the Tea Party movement has the advantage.”

Maybe that's why Governor Andrew Cuomo can continue to oppose extending a surcharge on higher-income earners (despite his tense relationship with the Albany Occupation), even as voters continue to support by large majorities an extension of the measure. More than 60 percent of voters in the Marist poll said they, too, support a "millionaires' tax."