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Three GOP candidates to appear on primary ballot for US Senate

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Three Republican candidates vying for the chance to take on Democratic United State's Senator Kirsten Gillibrand have secured spots on the GOP primary ballot in June.

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos, Manhattan attorney Wendy Long, and freshman New York City Congressman Bob Turner all secured at least 25 percent of the vote at the party's convention today in Rochester.

Here's the official breakdown:

Wendy Long -- 47.4 percent
George Maragos -- 27.4 percent
Bob Turner -- 25.3 percent

Candidate statements:

Bob Turner

This was an amazing victory for a campaign that began just 72-hours ago.   I am enormously grateful for all the support I received at the convention and I am energized to deliver my message of job growth and fiscal responsibility in every corner of this state.  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand does not deserve re-election. She defrauded the voters of this state with promises that she would act as a moderate.  Instead she has governed from the far left, and is now ranked the most liberal senator in America. That is a firing offense.

This campaign has just begun.  My team and I will be working non-stop from now until Election Day to address the critical jobs and economic issues of our times.