Bloomberg Takes Albany Fight to Mailboxes

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 09:45 AM

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's taking on Cuomo's budget deal in a new mailer that arrived in some mailboxes yesterday.

"Our hard-earned tax dollars go to Albany, but now Albany politicians want to balance their budget by cutting billions of dollars from New York City," says the message that is "paid for by Michael R. Bloomberg."


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This snake is a pro at spinning the news. Not at good governance. His playbook: Keep spinning to make himself look like a great guy and position himself for the presidency. Too bad the foundation is starting to crack early. Wages for public employees are too high and the city can't afford it, so he has to increase tax assessments to get the money. No more state cash for him means he ends the Work Advantage program. Thousands of low income families will be put into eviction proceedings. The housing court probably already received a memo to slow things down, so as not to have thousands more homeless. More landlords will be receiving less money, forcing more into foreclosure. Those who are lucky enough to be able to evict and re let the apartments will be forced to lower rents to attract the smaller number of working tenants able to pay, further driving down rents in general and property values, creating more foreclosures which equals less tax revenue from sales and property taxes. Financial genius? The snake that escaped from the Bronx Zoo has as much financial acumen as this guy.

Mar. 31 2011 03:03 AM
Larry Littlefield

I don't understand why he is doing this.

Significant declines in the quality of public services have occured, and will become much worse even with good management. And taxes have already been increased.

Instead of explaining this, he seems to deny it. Same with his school commercial on the radio. It's a mixed message.

Ultimately, the state was faced with raising taxes, cutting spending, or both. Bloomberg and the City Council are in the same position. This needs to be explained, not denied.

Mar. 30 2011 06:42 PM
urban conservative

He's ridiculous. It's already been established that there is no "cut" yet he plays it as if there is. He also misinforms the public regarding taxes.

1. The "cut" is actually a reduced increase. The formulas for budgeting that Cuomo challenged were to INCREASE over last year's budget by 13%, waaaaay above inflation. Cuomo wanted to keep the increase at 6%. OH NO. That's a 7% cut!! B.S. Mayor! It's an INCREASE of less than you want.

2. Much of the city's revenue is from property tax. The mayor is arguing that he will maintain the real estate tax rates the same, hence, no new taxes. Unfortunately, the tax rate is based on property assessments. The city is assessing property valued HIGHER than the 2010/11 fiscal year. The assessments have jumped 20% to 120% on some properties!!!. A 13% Tax rate on an AV: 700,000.00 property will be significantly higher when the assessment of the same property was only AV: 400,000.00 the previous year.

Stop your LIES, mayor. Cut and consolidate government. Privatize what can be privatized and make the city business friendly again.

Mar. 30 2011 03:00 PM

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