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Big Endorsement for Malpass

David Malpass gets arguably the most important endorsement in the Republican US Senate primary, snagging the support of the New York Post editorial board.

The former Reagan treasury secretary is praised by the paper for being a conservative intellectual, and, in that respect, "follows the intellectual tradition set by the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, one of the most fertile minds ever to sit in the Senate."

Most voters, though, haven't heard of him. In the latest Q poll, 85 percent said they don't know enough about him, and just eight percent report a favorable opinion. And his primary rivals are working to fill the void. During a Tea Party forum at Baruch College on Monday night, former Nassau legislator Bruce Blakeman, attacked Malpass for working at Bear Sterns while his Wall Street colleagues drove the economy into the ground.

Blakeman said to Malpass, "You advocated for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae getting more money" and "you were the chief economist for Bear Sterns went they went broke."