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Cuomo braces for change, and the new health-care law

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From Andrew Cuomo's economic policy book, released today, he explains how he'd prepare New York for the new federal health-care legislation:

The recently enacted federal
health reform legislation may prove helpful to New
York in gaining control over the runaway growth in
health insurance costs in the long run, but in the short
run, the new law threatens to actually increase the
cost of insurance for many businesses—a risk the
Cuomo Administration will work to counteract.
One direct measure the Cuomo Administration
will take to help protect businesses is to ensure that
insurance carriers do not raise health insurance
premiums beyond a level warranted by the risks they
are insuring. The Cuomo Administration will also
rigorously enforce the new State law that gives the
State Insurance Department prior approval over
health insurance premium increases to ensure that
any such increases are warranted. We will also
aggressively pursue new federal subsidies that can
reduce the cost of health insurance for many small
businesses with 25 or fewer employees.