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Turner campaign: "AN EARTHQUAKE IS NOT A JOKE"

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While the message was directed at Democratic Assemblyman and congressional candidate David Weprin, we couldn't help but feel also admonished by the sternness of the Turner campaign in this new press release. To be fair to Weprin, the offense in question actually came from the national Democratic Party, but that's no excuse!

"Today's earthquake frightened a lot of New Yorkers, including children and seniors citizens who remain deeply unsettled from the tremors," said Turner campaign spokesman William O'Reilly. "Using a terrifying incident like an earthquake - an hour after it occurred - as a political punch line is highly inappropriate.  We would ask that Mr. Weprin use better judgment in the remaining days of this campaign." [Emphasis added.]

To those children and seniors we may have offended, we apologize. If David Weprin did the same, he'll have to tell you sorry himself.