Roundup: Obama Drops DOMA, Biden Visits

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 05:43 PM

Bloomberg, Schumer, Kelly and a woman who lost her daughter to gun violence, unveil a new video to bolster their latest lobbying efforts, at 1 Police Plaza. (azi paybarah / wnyc)

Defense of Marriage Act: Obama orders that federal lawyers no longer defend it. (NY Times)

Cuomo and God: "My religion is a private matter and it is not something that I discuss in a political arena." (Daily News)

Robo Calls: DCCC targets Gibson, Grimm and Hanna. (LoHud)

Withdrawing Money: Councilman Jumaane Williams takes his money out of Chase; security guards watch closely. (Youtube)

Maloney's Fund-Raiser: Joe Biden was the draw. (Observer)

Biden's Cost: "Cindy Darrison, the fundraiser for [Rep.] Maloney, said her campaign had to put up a deposit against the potential costs of that portion of the trip, which she estimated ranged from $15,000 to $20,000. The DNC did not immediately respond to a query about its share of the trip’s costs." (Daily News)

Replacing Chris Lee: The NY-26 is starting to look like NY-23. Conservative looks to knock off "pro-abortion" GOP candidate. (Capital Tonight)

Replacing Chris Lee: More time for military ballots, as per Cuomo's orders. (Capital Tonight)

Attacking Obama: Barbour is getting ready. (Ben Smith)

Wisconsin: "This is a governor standing up and engaging in union busting," said Christine Quinn. (Observer)

Libya: "Muammar Qadhafi" vs "Moammar Gadhafi." (Keach Hagey)

Broken Windows Theory: Results in fewer broken windows, Sam Roberts finds. (NY Times)

School Funding: Thomas Kaplan goes deep inside Cuomo's fight. (NY Times)

Abortion Ad: De Blasio wants it gone. (NY Times)

Mt. Vernon Mayor: Being challenged by Mt. Vernon Comptroller. (LoHud)


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They just released a video of al-Gaddafi boarding a plane to leave the country on YouTube:

There was also one of the protesters fire on his plane as it took off. No one is sure where he was headed.

Feb. 26 2011 03:21 PM


I know Obama has said publicly that he is in support of Gay Marriage, but now there is a youtube clip of him talking about how it's a sin, and that all Gay people will not be saved:

This is really good stuff. He has bee two faced about so many issues now. I don't know why I ever voted for him.

Feb. 24 2011 09:37 AM

We know there is some rules and regulations provided by our creator who made us as a powerful existence in the world. But is the rules followed by us gradually?? How long have we being support this terrible thing ??

Obama, the Precedent of a Great country, supports the Gay Marriage ! Is not it a great sin to God ? To be helped from the sin you need to visit :

Beware the Gays...

Feb. 24 2011 05:40 AM

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