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'The Capitol Pressroom' with Susan Arbetter

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Today on "The Capitol Pressroom":

A new statewide coalition New Yorkers Against Fracking, is launching a campaign to ban the controversial drilling technique here in New York. Wes Gillingham of the Catskill Mountainkeeper will have details of this morning’s event. Plus keynote speaker, author, biologist and activist Sandra Steingraber will join him on the air. And she won’t just be talking about hydrofracking. She will also be dishing about her latest break-up. In case you didn’t hear the news, Sandra dumped the Sierra Club. She lets it fly in the latest edition of Orion Magazine.

The Supreme Court today begins hearing arguments on the constitutionality of Affordable Care Act. Over the next three days, the court will be presented with four questions:

  1. GATEWAY ISSUE -- Should the Justices be hearing this case at all since no one has yet been penalized for failing to obtain health insurance? Aka Anti Injunction Act
  2. INDIVIDUAL MANDATE-- Does Congress have the power to mandate that people buy healthcare coverage?
  3. DOMINO EFFECT-- If the Justices say “no” the mandate isn’t constitutional, then the next question is “Can the other provisions of the law stand?” (this is the severability question)
  4. COERSION --“Does Congress have the power to require states to expand Medicaid? Does it make it impossible for States NOT to comply by forcing them to foot the entire bill for Medicaid, if they say ‘no’?

We will be joined by three experts in different aspects of the case. Susan Low Bloch, a Professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown; Richard Kirsch a Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and the author of Fighting for Our Health: The Epic Battle to Make Health Care a Right in the United States; and Thomas Dennison, professor of public administration and director of the Syracuse Maxwell School’s certificate program in Health Services Management and Policy, and co-director of the Central New York Master of Public Health program, a collaboration between Syracuse University and SUNY Upstate Medical Center.

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