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Reports: Palin's Candidate in Staten Island Wins

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Sarah Palin's candidate in the Republican primary on Staten Island, Michael Grimm, beat his challenger, Michael Allegretti, according to New York 1 News and the Daily News.

Grimm, who was also backed by Rudy Giuliani, was a former FBI agent and Marine veteran. He was criticized for raising a lot of money outside the district, and not having lived there as long as Allegretti, whose family ran a local business on the Brooklyn side of the district.

I'm a bit weary of wading too deep into the fault-lines of Staten Island Republican politics, but it is worth noting that the losing candidate, Allegretti, was backed by the former congressman there, the very popular Vito Fossella. This may get people to start questioning Fossella's ability to deliver Republican votes in the district he once (and still?) dominated.

Grimm will take on freshman Rep. Michael McMahon, a moderate Democrat who has the backing of the Conservative Party and who voted against Obama's health care policy.

McMahon came under criticism earlier when a campaign aide distributed to a reporter documents that described how much money Grimm raised outside the district, labeling one category as "Jewish money." The campaign aide was fired and McMahon apologized.