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Siena poll: 64 percent say government is the problem when it comes to the economy

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A new Siena Research Institute poll released today says 64 percent of New Yorkers polled felt the government was more of a problem than a solution when it comes to national economic concerns. According to the poll results, a weak plurality--39 percent--thought Democrats have a better understanding of what needs to be done economically. A stronger plurality--43 percent--trust Democrats to do the right thing to improve the economic situation.

The down feeling might also have had something to do with the people being asked: 45 percent of those polled said they were not employed. Still, neither party looks particularly good on the economy to voters right now.

“Republicans tend to think that their party understands what needs to be done to address the economy and they trust elected GOP’s more than Democrats to do the right thing. Democrats tend to say the same about members of their party. But over a third of independents and a full quarter of all New Yorkers now say that neither party understands our problems nor warrants their trust,” Dr. Don Levy, Siena Research Institute's director, said in a statement.