New Yorkers: A Pay Raise for Politicians? No Way.

Monday, February 06, 2012 - 03:22 PM

By Karen DeWitt, New York State Public Radio Capital Bureau Chief

Some lawmakers, including Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, have been saying recently that lawmakers “deserve” a pay raise and have suggested setting up a commission to explore the issue.

But, a new poll by Siena College finds that voters are opposed to the idea by a two to one margin, with 67% opposed and 31% in support.  Siena’s Steve Greenberg says those surveyed like the idea of a pay hike for the governor and his top commissioners even less, with 74% against and 25% in favor.

“Voters are even more opposed to an increase in the pay of the governor,” said Greenberg. “Or an increase for commissioners of state agencies.”

Governor Cuomo has said he’s having trouble attracting top level commissioners because of the current pay strictures,  though the governor also says now is not the time for raises.

There has not been a pay increase for lawmakers, the governor or state commissioners since 1999.

The poll found the governor continues to be very popular with New Yorkers, 74% view him favorably, his highest rating ever.


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Larry Littlefield

The special interests are certainly willing to pay them more.  After all, that's who they work for.

"They 'deserve' to be kicked out on their butts for even suggesting it in this day and age when public workers' pay benefits and pensions are being cut."

They retroactively enhanced pensions, creating a fiscal disaster that is much worse in NYC. Taxes have been raised to pay for this.  Services have been cut to pay for this. And now wages are being held down below the rate of inflation, and it is proposed that pensions be cut for FUTURE workers to pay for this.

Those who benefitted gave back nothing.  Is this what the workers wanted?  It is certainly what the unions wanted.  It's what they do, over and over.  Screw the newbie, flee to Florida, gut the services.  As I said, the special interests got what they paid for.

Feb. 07 2012 02:30 PM

sorry They work 260 HOURS  a year, not days, unlike regular people with real jobs who work 2000 hours a year.

Feb. 06 2012 09:56 PM

NYS legislators are the highest paid legislators in the country making about $300/hr PLUS a per diem. They work 260 days out of the year , the rest of the time they make hundreds of thousands at their law firms and positions they are able to get due to their influence. The last thing they deserve is a raise. They 'deserve' to be kicked out on their butts for even suggesting it in this day and age when public workers' pay benefits and pensions are being cut.

Feb. 06 2012 09:55 PM

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