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Conservative Party Chair Mike Long says Cuomo 'lost his will' on taxes

Not everyone's pleased to hear Governor Andrew Cuomo's discussion about a tax overhaul. Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long, for one, made it clear some of the concession talk that could result in changes to rates on higher income earners was unwelcome.

"It appears that he lost his will to stand up to special interests," Long said, identifying those special interests as unions and their supporters in the Assembly. "I have been lauding him all year for doing what I believe is the right thing for the citizens of New York. You raise taxes, you lose jobs, and I don't care how small or big, it just takes away from New York's roof."

Long said he was "in the midst" of discussions with Senate Republicans about their plans when and if a special session is called later this week. He said his hope was they would oppose the plan.

"What other purpose are they there for," Long asked. "Hopefully they can't come up with an agreement."