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Gillibrand's Brand:"in contrast to Charles Schumer, the Senate Democrats' de facto chief national electoral strategist, who has devoted much of his public-facing energy to aggressively nonideological battles for middle-class swing voters—Kirsten Gillibrand is going to be the liberal Senator from New York." (Capital New York)

Bad to Worse: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says he'll start laying off state workers tomorrow if the Democratic Senators don't return to Madison and pass his budget repair bill reducing state employee unions' right to collective bargain. (NPR)

Too Close:  A State Supreme Court judge ruling in the Alan Hevesi pay-to-play case has financial dealings with Hevesi's lawyer's estranged father. (NY Daily News)

Squeaky Clean: The New York DEC has drafted legislation requiring manufacturers of cleaning products to disclose chemical ingredients and associated hazards. (WSJ)

Anytime Now: Severely injured veterans are being left waiting for their VA benefits while their families shoulder the burden for their care. (McClatchy DC)

Still Friends: Cuomo eases off Bloomberg in the struggle over the "First In Last Out" law governing teacher layoffs. (NY Daily News)

Sketchy: Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal faces criticism over the many and large donations given to his wife's educational charity by companies looking to do business with the state or get them to ease up on pollution restrictions. (NYT)

Far Out: President Obama made a call to the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery & the International Space Station today. (@BarackObama)

It's Over: Siting dissatisfaction with the Central Labor Council boss Jack Ahern, 32BJ/SEIU has formally pulled out of the CLC. (NY Daily News)

Hold On There: U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson issued a seven-day stay on his own ruling that the health care reform bill is unconstitutional.