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An AG Ad for Buffalo

One of the knocks against Democratic Attorney General candidate Eric Schneiderman is that his policies and base of support are so New York City-centric (which is to say, Manhattan-centric) that he may not attract voters in the suburbs or upstate. (For example, he voted against a property tax cap and wants to end the process where prisoners sent upstate are considered upstate residents for purposes of census information and drawing legislative district lines.)

Schneiderman's latest ad is, in a way, pushing against that perception. The ad is called Buffalo Endorsements, and features Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and the county's comptroller, Marc Poloncarz, who are proven local vote-getters.

But Buffalo is one of the five biggest cities in the state, making more of a subset of Schneiderman's urban base, rather than an expansion of it.

Other geographical notes about the race:

District Attorney Kathleen Rice is from Nassau County, and property taxes are a huge issue there; Sean Coffey is from Buffalo and is campaigning heavily there; Assemblyman Richard Brodsky of Westchester has a presence upstate and on Long Island. The other candidate in the race, Eric Dinallo, is well-known among Wall Street types, and racked up a slew of endorsements from Democratic chairmen representing rural - but incredibly small - upstate counties.

(Disclosure: Schneiderman’s father Irwin Schneiderman, who has been a significant donor to his son’s campaign, is a long-time member of the WNYC Board of Trustees and has been a generous donor to the station over the years.)