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GOP presser against city's mandatory sex-ed policy held without council Republicans

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Call it a victim of internal politics. A noon press conference today in Brooklyn, hosted in Republican State Senator Mary Golden's district, included a number of prominent New York City Republicans who are against mandatory sex-ed in city classrooms.

In fact, many of the city's elected Republican officials were scheduled to be there, including the city's newest Republican congressman, Bob Turner.

Fascinatingly, no City Council Republicans showed up. Some said they weren't invited. Others, like Councilman James Oddo, said they were, but were unable to make the event. Everyone contacted were against the city's policy.

From the guest list, it looked like sort of a Brooklyn Republican Party party--even Brooklyn GOP chair Craig Eaton was originally listed as being on hand. Then again, so was former Bronx Democratic Assemblyman Michael Benjamin, who was quoted in the press release that went out after the press conference.

Yet none of the three current Republicans on the City Council, nor other Republican electeds like Staten Island State Senator Andrew Lanza or Assemblyman Lou Tobacco, were on hand. Calls into many of the elected officials offices have not been returned, but at least some of those not in attendance had not been reached out to.

"If they'd invited me, I would have liked to have been there," said would Republican elected official.