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Archiving Albany

The Buffalo News had an editorial this morning urging Governor Paterson to sign a bill ensuring that documents from the governor's office and the legislature are formally archived.

The bill hasn't been delivered to Paterson yet, according to a spokesman, and the editorial makes it sound like the governor's signature isn't a guaranteed. And for good reason. Paterson is resisting a FOIL request from Columbia Journalism Review. It wants to get its hands on emails Paterson aides were sending during that whole rumor-New York Times-DJ-scandal thing.

A few reporters will wait to see what happens with this bill. In the meantime, I've put out inquiries to a few other people to get their position on the bill.

A spokesman for GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino emailed to say, his candidate "supports all efforts for greater transparency in State government and proper record keeping, archived and easily accessible to the public, is an important part of real accountability. This legislation is just a first step and far more will be done in a Paladino Administration."