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What's going on in the other Assembly special elections?

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Let's take a quick look, shall we, at the State Board of Elections campaign filings.

In the race for the 27th Assembly District, Democrat Michael Simanowitz has brought in over $114,000 since the special election campaign started. His opponent, Republican Marco Desena, did not file the required 32-day filing (or it's just not up). On his July filing, Desena's campaign had raised $9,200.

Having out-raised his opponent by more than 10-to-1, the race for the 27th appears to be as easy a win for Simanowitz--the long-serving chief of staff to the assemblywoman whose resignation opened the door for his run--as expected.

The race for the 23rd Assembly District is a bit different. We're going to be covering the race again before the election, but it's worth noting the fundraising totals. Phil Goldfeder, the Democrat in the race, has over $107,000 on hand as of his latest filing. He's also spent almost $50,500. Jane Deacy,whose office opening we covered, has lent her campaign $10,000 and has almost $44,000 in the bank heading into the final month.