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The Lede: Pelosi versus Medicare in NY 26

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Pelosi's Puppets: NRCC ties both Democrat Kathy Hochul and Independent Jack Davis to the House Minority Leader. (YNN/Capital Tonight)

Post for Corwin: Hochul "a carbon copy of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- and potentially one more automatic vote for more spending and higher taxes." (NY Post)

Schumer Campaigns for Hochul:"“This has truly become a national referendum on Medicare." (Buffalo News)

Cuomo's Legislative Test:"'Everything is on the table. Everyone has leverage,' said one Democratic insider. 'How the players use it is the ultimate test of gamesmanship. This is political chess at its best.'” (Crain's)

Curb Cap:"Cuomo should drop his campaign to cap local property taxes," say the editors. (NY Times)

Senate Budget:"The Dems are on pace to exceed their $15.2 million legislative budget for the current fiscal year by as much as $1 million." (NY Daily News)

Cuomo and Teachers:"with an apparent ally in Tisch, Cuomo is beginning to exert influence over core education policies, such as how teachers are evaluated." (Albany Times-Union)

Silver on Cuomo:"Members would like to get things done rather than listen to speeches." (NY Daily News)

Buffalo Boycott:"There's not as many students as usual, but it seems like it's the same amount we usually get on a half day," official says of mixed results for parent-driven schools protest. (Buffalo News)

Court Cutbacks: “Delays are going to be more built into everything we do, unfortunately." (NY Times)

Counting Prisoners in Home Districts:""It will be very hard for districts to thrive in the Republican column." (NY Daily News)

Ruben Diaz's Granddaughter:“It is in my blood to stand up for what I believe in — regardless of who I am up against.” she said at counter-protest for gay marriage. (NY Times)

Gay Marriage and Religion:"There are many members who are not going to be voting for a piece of legislation that shuts down Catholic services or adoption agencies." (Wall Street Journal)

Huckabee:"Donald Trump would be better for America than Barack Obama." (NY Post)

Christie and Commuters:"others say that the governor’s policy merely transfers the financial burden from state taxpayers to drivers, not only in New Jersey but also in surrounding states." (NY Times)

Cuomo to Propose New Scaled-Back Pensions:"Tier VI would also require new employees to pay twice as much into their pension plan and will prohibit use of overtime pay to pad pensions." (Associated Press)

ICYMl: Radio on the TV. (NY1)