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Paladino Doesn't Like Palin

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So, since the Daily News unloaded some of their best Carl Paladino quotes, here's mine.

In an earlier interview Paladino, he told he doesn't think much about Sarah Palin, or other maverick, outsidery Republicans.

I asked him which Republican he could see himself supporting for president in 2012:


I don't see anybody. Not Newt Gingrich. Not Sarah Palin. Sure enough not John McCain. I don't see 'em. Not Governor Christie either.

I followed up and asked him why he didn't like Sarah Palin. Paladino told me:

"We need a real leader. Not someone who just wants to go and throw a bunch of words around and proverbs and - I want somebody that is going to be totally responsible. Someone that is a student of that government."