Most Memorable GOP Debate Moment | And the Winner is...

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Gov. Rick Perry during a debate in Michigan.

After two weeks of intense competition, It's a Free Country readers have settled on the most memorable GOP debate moment of the 2012 campaign.

On Tuesday, Rick Perry's "Oops" beat out the booing of a gay soldier by a debate audience, cementing the most infamous gaffe of the nominating season as the most memorable moment of any debate thus far.

Give Rick Perry credit: his road to victory went through Mitt Romney's $10,000 bet and the juiciest Newt Gingrich smack down of the year. He faced an opponent in the championship that proved more memorable than "9-9-9," and "Oops" still came out on top.

So congratulations to the former candidate and current governor of Texas. May you never remember that third thing.

November 9, 2011 — CNBC Michigan Debate