Cold Snap Could Damage Upstate Crops

It may be chilly here in the city, but it's downright freezing in New York's Hudson Valley farm country.

The temperature dipped to 21 degrees for about a half hour early Tuesday morning in the Ulster County town of Marlboro, putting farmer Doug Glorie's apple crop in jeopardy.

"Last night was so cold it was not a frost it was a freeze condition, so there really was nothing you could do about it." he said. Glorie co-owns Glory Farm Winery and said he still has to wait one or two more days to find out how bad the damage was to his crops. He thinks the freeze could have killed 90 percent of his crop, taking 65 percent of his income with it.

Meanwhile in New Paltz, Sylvester Taliaferro, owner and operator of Taliaferro Farms, said if temperature drop 25 degrees for more than five hours it could wipe out his crop.

It's a threat he's prepared to live with for a while. "The chances of sliding through the next 60 days unscathed, are really tough."

Taliaferro said it's too soon to tell if the cold weather has ruined any of his crops. Like Glorie, he has to wait up to 48 hours to see evidence of damage from the freeze.

In the city, the National Weather service is predicting overnight lows in the mid-40's for the remainder of the week.