Gig Alert: Perfume Genius

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Perfume Genius
Playing on Thursday at Glasslands Gallery
(289 Kent Ave., Williamsburg)
Get: Tickets ($12) | Directions 

Perfume Genius is the musical alter ego of singer-songwriter Mike Hadreas. The Seattle-based musician pens intimate and revelatory piano-driven music that recalls Antony and the Johnsons.

Perfume Genius’s first album, Learning, released in 2010, chronicles the devastation that followed a period of personal trauma. Its 2012 follow-up, Put Your Back N 2 It, finds the artist working through emotional issues of trust, power, and love (including self-love and acceptance as a gay man) though this time through a more universal lens. 

Download the bittersweet love song “Hood,” from the sophomore effort, above and watch Perfume Genius perform the tune, along with “Normal Song,” for the music site La Blogotheque in the video below.

Perfume Genius performs at Glasslands Gallery on Thursday night.