Tebow Merch Draws Fans, the Curious

Less than a week after the trade announcement was made, Tim Tebow Jets merchandise hit area stores.

At Modell's in Times Square, forest green Tebow t-shirts were on display in the window alongside Jeremy Lin jerseys. Inside the store, a display rack of Tebow t-shirts ($24.99) and jerseys ($60) was the first thing to greet  visitors.

Jonathan Rape, assistant manager in the store, said Tebow-branded gear arrived in stores last Thursday, and has proved a hit with New Yorkers and New Jerseyans, as well as with tourists from further afield.

"He's a good guy so he's got fans all over the place," Rape said.

The speed of the merchandisers surprised Ed Sherman, who was visiting from Chicago. He photographed Tebow t-shirts and tweeted the image out to his friends. "I think they'll be amused," he said.

Arthur Katz, an ex-New Yorker who now lives in Denver, doesn't exactly count himself a Tebow fan, but bought a t-shirt for his girlfriend, who started admiring Tebow when he was with the Broncos.

"The women are weeping in Denver that Tebow left. So the mania goes on, the love for Tebow goes on," Katz said.

Still, jerseys and t-shirts mostly stayed on the racks on Monday afternoon, as only a trickle of patrons came in off of 42nd Street.

One of those was Brian Abatemarco of Manhattan. Despite being a St. Louis Rams fan, Abatemarco felt moved to buy a t-shirt after seeing Tebow's Monday news conference at the Jets' field house.

"I think his whole attitude, the way he is, he's very positive, he's a nice guy," Abatemarco said. "Most athletes are like, I'm me, I run the show, that's it."