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Dharun Ravi: ‘I Wasn’t the One Who Caused Him to Jump’ (ABC News)
Ravi tells 20/20’s Chris Cuomo that he, “was initially rattled by Clementi’s death, which the press depicted as the result of cyber bullying.  He asked himself, ‘Is this because of me?’ Ravi told Cuomo. But Ravi said that what he learned about his freshman roommate during the course of legal proceedings — including information that hasn’t been made public — convinced him that the 18-year-old took his life for reasons that didn’t have anything to do with Ravi and his webcam.”

Documents Show NYPD Infiltrated Liberal Groups (Associated Press)
Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman reports that police continued monitoring the groups well after the run-up to New York’s 2004 RNC Convention: “In April 2008, an undercover NYPD officer traveled to New Orleans to attend the People's Summit, a gathering of liberal groups organized around their shared opposition to U.S. economic policy and the effect of trade agreements between the U.S., Canada and Mexico.” You can see the documents here.

Christine Quinn Will Pass Prevailing Wage Bill (NY Post)
Sally Goldenberg reports: “A pro-union bill that would boost salaries for thousands of privately hired workers to minimum rates set by the city is slated to pass the City Council next week as Speaker Christine Quinn courts organized labor for her likely 2013 mayoral bid, The Post has learned. Quinn told her Democratic members in a closed-door meeting this week she plans to move the controversial “prevailing wage” legislation at the council meeting on Wednesday, sources said.”

Guilty Plea Expected in NYCHA Bribery Case (NY Times)
Mosi Secret reports: The official, Wendell B. Walters, a onetime assistant commissioner at the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, was arrested in October on racketeering charges; he was accused of taking money from developers involved in building about $22 million in moderately priced housing overseen by the agency in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens since 2002.”

Transgender Man Runs for City Council (NY Times)
Kate Taylor reports: Zoning. School overcrowding. The design of New York’s transportation system. These are just a few of the subjects that Mel Wymore, a candidate for City Council on the Upper West Side, brought up in an interview before addressing the elephant in the room: that, if elected, he would be the first transgender member of the Council.”

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to Speak at NYU’s Commencement (NYU Local)
The announcement is fitting. Zoë Schlanger and Myles Tanzer reports: From 1998-2007, Sotomayor was an adjunct professor at NYU School of Law, teaching trial and appellate advocacy and a federal appellate court seminar.”

North Korean Orchestra Could Be Coming to NYC (Washington Post)
Anne Midgette reports about a humanitarian group that is working to bring the National Symphony Orchestra of North Korea on tour to the U.S.: “The tour, comprising 164 musicians and including stops in Atlanta; Oxford, Miss.; and New York’s Avery Fisher Hall, was scheduled for February, but plans ground to a halt with the death of Kim Jong Il in December. ... The next tour possibility is in May — pending approval from the U.S. State Department.”

Taking on Police Tactic, Critics Hit Racial Divide (NY Times)
John Eligon reports: “Black and Latino lawmakers, fed up over the frequency with which New York City police officers are stopping and frisking minority men, are battling what they say is a racial divide as they push legislation to rein in the practice. The divide, they say, is largely informed by personal experience: many who object to the practice say that they have themselves been stopped by the police for reasons they believe were related to race.”

2 Bodies Found On Eastern Long Island, 1 in Area Where Corpse Discovered Last Month (NY Daily News)
Bill Hutchinson reports: “Two bodies have been discovered within 24 hours on eastern Long Island, including a woman’s corpse found dumped in a wooded area where a body turned up last month. Suffolk County cops said they have no evidence linking the victims to the 10 bodies that have been found since December 2010 in Gilgo Beach, a suspected dumping ground of a serial killer.”

Onion Staffers in NYC Resisting Planned Move to Chicago (The Atlantic Wire)
John Hudson reports: “Sources inside the company tell The Atlantic Wire that of the 16 full-time members of The Onion's editorial staff, including editorial operations, writers, editors and the graphics/photo team, only five have agreed to make the move—a transition that will leave behind a slew of veteran staffers such as top editor Joe Randazzo, features editor Joe Garden, head of digital Baratunde Thurston, and photo, graphics and design editors Colin Tierney, Michael Faisca and Nick Gallo.”

Baby Giraffe, Named Baringo, Born at Bronx Zoo (Gothamist)
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