Would You Give Out Your Facebook Password in a Job Interview?

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As much as most Americans might like to think that their social networking profiles are part of their personal life, increasingly that’s not the case. In one recent survey, 91 percent of employers said they've used social networking sites to screen job applicants. What's more, over two-thirds of employers said they’d rejected a candidate because of their online profile. At some workplaces, the screening goes even farther: it is no longer unheard of for an employer to even ask a potential employee for his or her Facebook password. Are these practices fair? And are they legal?

Chris Kukulski is city manager of Bozeman, Montana. He tells The Takeaway why the city used to ask new hires to fill out a form providing the usernames and passwords to their social networking accounts — and why it stopped that practice. Chandlee Bryan is a career coach, former recruiter, and author of the “Twitter Job Search Guide.”