#3314: World Music

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For this New Sounds, listen to a really impressive roundup of world music.  There’s music from a group of Sufi singers, the Bedouin Jerry Can Band, who play abandoned fuel containers and ammunition boxes left behind by the Israeli army.  Also, hear music from Brazil by Renata Rosa, in a style that translates as “sea horse,” a fading tradition of street theatre that has to do with Christmas and the three wise men.  It’s from a compilation released by the BBC’s “World Routes” program, "On the Road." 

Then there’s African electronic music from the late Cameroonian musician Francis Bebey, involving pygmy flutes and electric organ, along with music from West Africa and Madagascar.  Plus, American folk music, from Sam Amidon & electric guitarist Bill Frisell, and more.

PROGRAM #3314 World Music  (First aired on 3/20 /2012)                                                        





Bedouin Jerry Can Band

Rough Guide to African Roots Revival

Ya El Yaleladana, excerpt [1:30]

World Music Network RGNET1269
Due out on April 3, 2012

Various Artists: Renata Rosa

World Routes – On the Road

Marcha do Donzel [3:58]

Nascent NASCE 001
Available at Amazon.com, or download from Emusic or iTunes

Bedouin Jerry Can Band

Rough Guide to African Roots Revival


Ya El Yaleladana [4:04]

See above.

Various Artists: Maureen Nehedar

World Routes – On the Road

Juni Juni [4:01]

See above.

Sam Amidon & Bill Frisell

Live recording

Saro (Pretty Saro)

Not yet commercially available.  
Available as a download from BrooklynVegan’s Soundcloud:

Francis Bebey

African Electronic Music 1975 – 1982

The Coffee Cola Song [5:07]

Born Bad Records BB039

Various Artists: Familia Pilco

World Routes – On the Road

Jerusalem Llaqtaruna [5:06]

See above.

Seckou Keita SKQ

The Silimbo Passage

Mande-Arab [6:07]

World Artventures WA 2008

Various Artists: Cengiz Özkan

World Routes – On the Road

Elif Dedim be Dedim [5:16]

See above.

Various Artists: Justin Vali & Paddy Bush

World Routes – On the Road

Veloma [5:44]

See above.