Gig Alert: Sandro Perri

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Sandro Perri
"Love & Light"
Playing Saturday at Mercury Lounge
(217 E. Houston St., East Village)
Get: Tickets ($12) | Directions 

For more than a decade, Toronto musician Sandro Perri has made music that's explored a myriad of styles and genres, including jazz, Afro-pop, electronic and '70s pop under various aliases -- his most notable being the aquatic ambient techno whiz, Polmo Polpo.

Perri peeled back the musical alter-egos in 2006 and began using his name to release the fluid and graceful folk-electronic blends featured on his more recent works like the 2007 album Tiny Spaces and the 2011 record Impossible Spaces.

Download the beautifully contemplative single from Impossible, "Love & Light," above and watch the music video for the song below. Or just go catch Sandro Perri do it live at Mercury Lounge on Saturday night.